The Grant Design House

The Grant Design House is a holistic design studio founded by interdisciplinary Artist and Architectural Designer Kristin Simone Hanson in 2020. We are a collection of independent designers and builders who seek to elevate the human experience through the principles of mindful design. We believe that true design works inharmony with nature and seek to cultivate meaningful relationships with not only the environment but the people and communities we serve. With the end user in mind, The Grant embodies a lifestyle of alternative minimalism that simultaneously holds space for both the modern and ancient design sensibilities.

Combined, The Grant’s team focuses on a range of disciplines and design services. We work collaboratively to create authentic design solutions and experiences for the world around us.

Kristin Simone Hanson


Sitting at the intersection between sustainability and cutting edge is Kristin Simone. This artist turned designer is driven by the ability to capture fresh and creative narratives that still evoke a sense of timelessness. A woman of many skills, Kristin is the founder and head designer of The Grant House, a design firm and fashion house driven by social sustainability. This approach is mirrored in The Grant Boutique, the firm's online marketplace and store.

A creative artist since the very beginning, Kristin’s first museum debut was at the tender age of 8 years old. As a first-generation American, she learned the necessity of carving out space for expression and defining the value of her passions from herself. In her teens, it was a 10ft hand-drawn mural that solidified her commitment to her path as a creative. Diving deep into her subconscious, Kristin’s early charcoal works reflected an intensity far from that of a young girl garnering her several Golden Keys and accolades. Raised in a household where construction and design were the norms, Kristin naturally sought to apply her fine arts training to exhibition arts and later design.

The Boutique

The Grant Boutique is the marketplace for The Grant Design House.

"Unhappy and indifferent, I found myself grappling with the confines of interior design via furniture showrooms. The same patterns, the same colors, the same blueprint, I was battling to assimilate. I knew I needed to design on my own terms. Part gallery, part marketplace, The Grant’s boutique emerged as the outlet for me to express an alternative approach to design. Here I explore my love for minimalism while embracing my own aesthetic sensibilities as a global citizen."

-Kristin Simone